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Outdoor Residential Accent Lighting Lights Up Toronto Living Spaces

Outdoor Residential Lighting On-Trend

Canadians yearn for the summer months for most of the year thanks to harsh winters. Spring arrives and we get excited for the warmth of the sun on our faces while heading out the door without a coat on. It is not a surprise that Canadians love their outdoor living spaces and look to create an area where they can share their story through exterior design. Outdoor residential lighting has become on-trend in Toronto and the GTA. Using exterior LED lighting, people can customize their decks, patios and pool areas to create a truly personalized living space. Outdoor residential lighting in Toronto can also be used year-round. While popular for Christmas time, why not change those lights to green at St. Patrick’s Day or red and white for Canada Day? Share your Pride by flashing a rainbow of colours, or ring in the New Year with your own fireworks show.


Low-Maintenance, High-Impact!

LED lighting systems are easy to maintain. They last for more than 55,000 hours and are weather proof. Withstanding the cold climate of winter to the hot and humid days of summer is no hard feat! High quality outdoor residential accent lighting systems can be installed by a professional and are virtually invisible when turned off. They have a low profile as well and are under one inch in size. No special electrical work is required; they use a standard 120-volt power outlet which makes it more convenient to install and use. Overall these outdoor residential accent lighting systems are very eco-friendly and a perfect choice for homeowners who are conscientious about the environment and conserving energy. LED lighting systems like Movilume’s are energy efficient and use less power than traditional neon lighting systems. Don’t let the low voltage fool you though; these lights are bright! Each individually controllable light is vivid and is 324 lumens in brightness.


Smart Phone Enabled

Many homeowners seek out home lighting systems that are smart phone enabled. With an easy to use app available to download, you can change the colour, effect and speed of your display as you see fit. Depending on your mood, you may want to create a soft ambiance around the pool for a romantic evening at home. Or, when the big game is on, show off your team’s colours and let the whole neighbourhood know we’ve scored a home run! LED lights are not just for the roof top. Try using outdoor residential accent lighting along garden pathways, on gazebos or pagodas and around deck railings. Create an ambiance that truly reflects your mood with personalized settings that are easy to use from any smart phone by downloading an app for both Android and Apple operating systems.


The app will also let you set the light show to a timer, turning them off automatically or when you are away. They require very little maintenance – gone are the days of dragging out the ladder in a snow storm to install Christmas lights only to take them back down again a few weeks later. Leave your lights on all year proudly!


Love your outdoor living space by setting it ablaze. Show your true colours and be the talk of the neighbourhood by installing outdoor residential accent lighting in your Toronto home today!